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New Clients

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You will need to complete and submit initial paperwork prior to your first session.  This includes Intake forms, Telehealth Informed Consent, Informed Consent for Psychotherapy, Practice Policies, and Notice of Privacy Practices/HIPPA.  You will receive a link through Simple Practice to complete all forms. 

First session is designed to get to know each other, establish goals, and share your story. This is the opportunity to discuss what is not working in your life and your hopes for the future. How do you see your life one year from now? What are your hopes and dreams?  What do you see as holding you back? 

Before the second session, if you are comfortable with using art, prepare a space for artmaking.  Nothing fancy is required - a table with good lighting and art supplies. Please keep in mind that art is used in therapy for self-expression and not to create art to hang on your wall.  Being an "artist" is not required.  

Between sessions, you will be given an art based assignment to deepen insight. I recommend a spiral sketch/art pad to have a container for your therapy journey. Remember that this is not art to hang on walls or judge, this is expressing feelings through line, color, and texture.  




You will need to have access to reliable internet service and a phone, tablet, or laptop.  You will need a good internet connection, computer, web-camera, and microphone.  Please keep in mind who is nearby and can overhear the therapy session. Protect your confidentiality by creating a private space.


You will be required to share your current location during each session per best practices for telehealth.


When you are comfortable adding art to our sessions: Create a space for your art supplies and the ability to use art during the session. This can be as simple as a table near a light source and internet. Ideally, where you can leave your art supplies out during the week.   Please have something available to prompt your device against in order to share the art therapy experience during the session. 


Please use a location that is free from major distractions in order to get the most out of your session. 

​Telehealth pros and cons:



It is convenient, no need to dress up, no need to leave your home, no wasted time traveling to an office,  no sitting in a waiting room, and your pets can join you during counseling sessions!



Remain aware that you will need to provide a secure location where others cannot hear the session and/or free from distractions.

Technological issues can interrupt session.  Ensure you have a reliable internet provider. 

You must be located in the State of Texas during each session and provide an exact location.  


  • Cost for private pay clients, 55 minute session,  is $130 (sliding scale available)

  • Insurance accepted:  Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, Humana, Optum, Oscar, United Health Care



  • Click on the following link to book an appointment:

  • To book a 15 minute free consultation, email me directly through my CONTACT page

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